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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Acrylic background

This was sort of a dump of acrylic paint on yupo paper.
It seemed to convey the heat of the summer skies in Florida.
So I mixed up a thick batch of watercolor and painted my hill and palms.
Too simple, but the background gives a dramatic affect and the watercolor does it's own thing
on the acrylic which is always interesting.

This was the stencil I made and used on the picket fence painting last week.
I wanted the background to show faintly so just rolled the white over lightly.
When we lived in Colorado, the arrival of the hummingbirds meant we were done with snow for that year.  Their arrival was sort of a celebratory thing at our house.
I don't believe I have seen one hummingbird in Florida, but I haven't forgotten them
Wishing everyone a Happy PPF


  1. I love your painting, and the beautiful stencil you made. You got some great effects with the colours!Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your palm tree summer heat piece. That paint really does give the feel of the hot and humid weather. Love the colors of your hummingbird and hibiscus too. :) Erika

  3. Wow, that sky is amazing! It's as if the heat is rolling off in waves ...

  4. Beautiful scene in your painting, love how you made it.
    Stenciled work is lovely, too.
    Happy PPF ♥

  5. You really make such great creations with your paints and yupo paper Susan! Thanks for your earlier visit and I do hope you see hummingbirds. When my neighbors were at their place in Florida two weeks ago they had lots of hummingbirds come to their feeders- their home is in Brooksville. Happy PPF!

  6. Susan, you do such gorgeous work whether it is acrylics or watercolors. The stencil painting is beautiful and I was so glad to see it featured last week on PPF. What I love about the first painting is that fabulous sky. We have hummingbirds here but they are not the same as the western variety.

  7. The humming bird and blossom. My today's favourite

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  8. The different textures on your Florida painting are really cool!

  9. Beautiful...and I love the arrival of hummingbirds...such a precious bird!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Lovely both pieces. With the unusual heat we are having I have hundreds of humming birds.


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