It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. Helen Walton

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Biggify" Zentangle challenge

This Challenge was too much fun!  To get started I unearthed an old tangle, cut out a little frame from a magazine page and selected what I wanted to 'biggify'.  I did the second one and then used my little "frame" again and did the third one.  Usually when I step out of the box, I am VERY uncomfortable.  This was nothing but fun for me.  Thanks, Laura!

November Orchid Blooms

I love the fall.  Just when I think the summer rains and heat have wiped out my orchids, they present me with nice fat sheathes.  The Dendrobiums have been blooming since early October but the Cattleyas are just getting started.  Would love to hear from other amateur growers.  
C. King George Serendipity

Brassavola makkai
Dendrobium King of Money

Dendrobium Liberty White

unnamed Dendrobium

My Merry Christmas Poinsettia

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogger frustration

Man oh man!  Either I have a problem, or Blogger does.  My orchids are blooming and I am wanting to upload some photos.  Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?  NOT!  When I click on the photo icon that takes me to my iphoto library, I get my photos from two weeks ago, not the ones I have taken since.  So after maybe 10 tries (not joking here), I go to "help".  What a joke!  One hour later,  after reading anything they had to offer, I try again.  No luck.   And then I decided the best thing to do is to 'throw up in public.'  Maybe someone else has this problem or better yet has SOLVED this problem.  I know I will never solve it with "Blogger help"  Any ideas???????

Monday, November 21, 2011

Orchid care in the fall.

Sunday is watering day for my orchids.  Because it rained last week, I haven't really looked at them for a couple of weeks.  Did they have a surprise for me!  There are buds everywhere popping out of their sheaths.  My dendrobiums have been beautiful but are on the downside of their bloom.  Now the cattleyas are getting ready to burst forth.  The orchid is a wonderful plant.  It likes to be ignored provided you keep bugs to a minimum.  I use Neem oil for that.
The first Monday in December is the annual Sarasota Orchid Society auction.  I can't wait.  It is an opportunity to bid on some different, healthy orchids.  Last year I bought three and all are alive and well today.  Wonder who will be joining us this year...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reworking old stuff

Does anyone else "stew" over what is wrong with a tile?  When we did the poppy a couple of weeks ago, I was very dissatisfied with my submission but couldn't put my finger on what was missing.  I decided to try some new water color crayons and by jove, I think I fixed it.
I also like the idea I have read about copying the original onto some good paper so you can experiment without ruining the original.  Great idea when you have a treasure.  This was not a treasure but it just bugged me that something wasn't the way I wanted.
What do you think?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Circle, square and triangle challenge

Our Diva has done it again.  This week we were challenged to use a circle, square and triangle as our string.  To further complicate the challenge, we were to use tangle patterns we have not used before.  This was great fun, however naming them was not quite so easy.  This challenge certainly made it clear to me that I rely on the old favorites more than I should.  AND with new patterns appearing almost daily , it wasn't difficult to sort of step out of my box.  As usual, thanks for a great challenge!!  And thanks to you creative minds that post new ideas for those of us not-so-creative minds.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poppy Day

This weeks challenge was for us to think about the people we have lost, not only in war but also in our personal lives.  In the past five years I have lost both parents (who lived well into their 90's) and a sister.  When I was young, we all lived in California where the poppy is the state flower.  Those are some wonderful memories.  So I celebrate them today with a poppy for each!