It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. Helen Walton

Thursday, June 13, 2019


2019 has been one of those rare years that has presented us with a collection of physical issues.
My husband refers to them as "headwinds".
Not an excuse for not being around, mind you but when given the choice of blogging OR painting...guess what I chose?
I have had a nice season with my art.  I sold a few and have had work accepted in every show that I have entered.  So, today I will share a bit of that with you.

This is a resin covered collage.  I call it "yikes!"

Another collage called "Pri-merrily"

And yet another collage called "Vor-text"

And then there is the painting I did one afternoon when both my husband and I were miserable

I call this one "pain"

So that about sums up the past few months.  I have been lurking about and enjoying everything you all are doing.  Wishing everyone a Happy Paint Party Friday.

And from the garden this morning...triplets!  I love it when that happens.

Friday, March 15, 2019

How did we get to Friday so quickly?

Sometimes it seems like the days drag by,
but then the weeks sometimes seem to fly by...go figure???
It might just have something to do with my age.
I entered two pieces in the Art Center Sarasota show, Outward Bound and they were both accepted.  That was a nice surprise.  One, Beach Music, you have seen before here but I finally framed it.

The other was done to replace  a piece that we have hanging in our dining room.  It had really faded so the new one has several coats of UV protection on it.

This one is called "Fiesta"

And here I am with my entries at Art Center Manatee
This has been a different direction for my art journey.  I think I was looking for validation in what I was doing.  Now, I think I will get back to creating.  It is more fun.
Our "season" is drawing to an end which means there will be less traffic on the roads, more chances to get into restaurants and fewer buyers for artwork.
We love to see them come...and we love to see them go.
Wishing everyone a great New Year at Paint Party Friday!
The bloom this week is a teeny, tiny dendrobium that blooms on the old dead stems.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

In a canyon, in a cavern...

Mostly play this week and that isn't such a bad thing is it?
Classes are done and I am left to my own ideas.
I have had a couple of good art weeks.  One of my collages(that I had promised to my daughter) sold.  I call it "Anthology"
And then the three collages I entered in another show were all accepted and one received an
Honorable Mention award.  You have seen it before.  I call it "Junkyard"


This is "Anthology".

This one is just painting for fun.  I call it "Clementine".
My husband thought it resembled the crater on a volcano.  I remembered that VERY old song,
"In a canyon, in a cavern excavating for a mine.  Met a miner, 49er, and his daughter
That is a great example of the minutiae floating in my mind.
Wishing all a Happy Paint Party Friday!

Inspite of our cold snap, my "guatamalensis" orchid is gorgeous this week.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Learning from the masters

The past couple of weeks we have been studying the art of Picasso and Matisse.
Most recently we have focused on Matisse and this week our assignment was to do something
in a Matisse style.  I always have a problem with that because once I start painting, it becomes my style.  Unfortunately for me, that style is like neither of the above but more like that of a former kindergarten teacher.  Oh well, I am what I am and it is too late to change that!
So here is this week's project.

You can see, I have acknowledged Picasso in the corner.
Wishing everyone visiting today a happy PPF

And from my garden today a very weird dendrobium orchid.

Friday, February 8, 2019

The beat goes on...

Apologies for being away so long.  
I must confess, I was lurking and visiting your sites each week but the frustration of not being able to comment got to me.  Nothing is resolved but I decided I had better touch base with those that follow me, or lose them in the atmosphere.
I have been painting and using collage in new and different ways.

My idea of a Tuscan scene.  This one the sky is painted and the rest is collage.

This one I call "the road warrior".  If you look under the tiny diamonds, you will see a tiny man crossing the horizon.

Another mix of collage and paint.

And last one, The First Show, is an assignment for a class I am taking from Kerry Didday.
He uses a dry brush technique and is encouraging us to do figurative art.
All new to me but I am enjoying it.
Wishing you a Happy Paint Party Friday.

Friday, December 28, 2018


It is a big day for this old girl today...I am 77!
Egads, how did this fast?
There is some saying about the days being long and the years fly by.
It is TRUE!
However it seems in the 70's the days fly by also.

That said,  being a December birthday, that means that turquoise is my birthstone.  Oh, there are also some glittery birthstones that go with December but in my head turquoise is mine.
And I love it!
I can remember each piece of turquoise I have received or purchased AND where it came from.
Of course, most have originated in New Mexico and that is where I acquired most of it.

So, I played "dress up" and put it all on at once!

And now on to my art for the past couple of weeks.  I dug out my old friend yupo  and here are some of the results.

One of the things I like about yupo is that you can cut it and weave into it pretty easily.

Another thing I like about yupo is that you can lift paint as I did here and in the first one (the dots have been lifted in it).

I have been enjoying another "Abstract" class at our art center.
We have been doing some work with dry brushes and I really enjoy the look you achieve.

And then one more...a collage.
Doing this was a lot like knitting, doing the same thing over and over again.
It is sort of soothing, if you ignore the sticky fingers.
But I collected an assortment of different pages and print.

So that's it!  I haven't been around but I have been playing and visiting your sites.
My computer issues have not been resolved.  But please know I am visiting and enjoying all that you do.  Happy PPF and  A Happy New Year to all.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Crazy Collage

It is that busy time of year and I think I will find anything to do rather than what I am supposed to be doing.  Does that happen to you?  I get very frustrated with myself.  Another weird thing,
Friday comes and Friday goes and I completely forget to visit my friends at Paint Party Friday.
Then on Saturday, I realize and make a late visit.  I think the frustration with not being able to comment on other blogs is getting to me.  They say I need to use Chrome and we have tried it and didn't like it.  But it is a Google product so I guess this is a way of forcing people to change.
This old girl is too old and too stubborn but it does diminish the experience.

So what have I been doing?
Collage...and more collage, and collage papers (the most fun).

This was lots of fun to do.  I peeled matt medium off my fingers for days.  I am thinking about using a tack iron.  Have any of you used one?  What are your thoughts?  I can't seem to get everything to stick nice and smoothly and think that that might make it easier.  (A Christmas present to myself when I haven't bought any for anyone else).

This is a small canvas glued on a larger canvas.

And on the lanai right now

These blooms were hanging at the bottom of a very large orchid and we couldn't see them so for the first time, I picked them and brought them in.

Wishing all a happy Paint Party Friday and a sane Holiday Season!