It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. Helen Walton

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I was born and raised in Colorado.
Perhaps that is the reason the Gulf, the beach, the palm trees and the amazing array of tropical 
flowers captured my heart.
I love the sweet smell of magnolias and gardenias on the hot sticky evenings of summer.
I love the fact that my orchids grow and florish on my lanai.
When company comes, there is so much to share with them.  There are the usual amusement parks but better than that, we have an amazing state park, Myakka that looks as if dinosaurs once lived there.
Mangroves in the Everglades
When time allows, we can make a run to the Everglades for an airboat ride.
Many enjoy paddling kayaks in the mangroves along the coast.
Southwest Florida is a perfect fit for us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Challenge #75 Cadent

Who doesn't love Cadent?  I was delighted when Laura Harms, our Diva selected this tangle for this week's challenge.  Somewhere, recently I had seen it used as a frame so with that "borrowed idea" in mind I started my tile.  All went well until the LAST little Cadent puzzle piece, in the top right.  Oh well, nothing is ever wrong in Zentangle...right?  I hope every one is having fun with this week's challenge!  It just blows me away how many different interpretations of one idea we can create!  I look forward to seeing yours.

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday!

We're home.
I love to pack up and go
and I love to come home.

And after a whirlwind of graduation
and parties
and people.
It is comfortable to sit down with my watercolors
no conversation
And see who shows up.
Happy Paint Party Friday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Challenge 74, Eccentric Circles

Eccentric Circles

We returned home late last night from a wonderful week in Connecticut,  enjoying the  high school graduation of our oldest grandson.  I love teen agers and this group was no exception.  They were a delightful group of "screenagers".  We are proud grandparents, that is for sure.
And so...while my pile of laundry was churning away in the washer,  I set about this weeks challenge from Laura Harms.  Sometimes I wonder how she comes up with these ideas.  It is amazing actually, that she can continue to challenge us.  I love circles but this exercise made me realize that they are not necessarily easy to fill (and I still haven't exercised enough self control to leave spaces blank).
The laundry is done and put away.  The luggage has been returned to the garage.  Time to get back to life on the slow track.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Challenge #73 Bridgen

This has been a funny Monday.  I think maybe it is the full moon.  I read the challenge this morning and really focused on the fact that Carol Ohl had been teaching a bead class.  I have an amazing stash that I rarely play with anymore.  However, I took our guest Daved's pattern Bridgen, added beads and away I went.  I hope it isnt too far removed from the challenge.  It was fun to play with beads again anyway.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Index Card a Day #1


I think I am starting to live up to the name of my blog.
"Scattered" is what I am.
If it isn't Zentangle, it is watercolor.
If it isn't acrylics, it is orchids.
If it isn't knitting, it is kumihimo.
You get the picture, I have the attention span of a gnat.

And I love challenges!  
Monday it is the Diva
Friday I can't miss Paint Party Friday.
Daily I enjoy my Tangle Calendar.
And now....the ICAD challenge.
That's daily too.

Join the fun.
I found out about this challenge on Terrie Purkey's site
Creative Explorer
Tammy at Daisey Yellow Art is the hostess.
This challenge is down and dirty, quick and easy!
Join the fun!