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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Circle, square and triangle challenge

Our Diva has done it again.  This week we were challenged to use a circle, square and triangle as our string.  To further complicate the challenge, we were to use tangle patterns we have not used before.  This was great fun, however naming them was not quite so easy.  This challenge certainly made it clear to me that I rely on the old favorites more than I should.  AND with new patterns appearing almost daily , it wasn't difficult to sort of step out of my box.  As usual, thanks for a great challenge!!  And thanks to you creative minds that post new ideas for those of us not-so-creative minds.


  1. Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the challenge.

  2. Very pretty! I liked your contains within it , circles, squares and triangles too!


  3. Great job on the challenge! I see a couple of tangles there that I haven't tried before!


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