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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogger frustration

Man oh man!  Either I have a problem, or Blogger does.  My orchids are blooming and I am wanting to upload some photos.  Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?  NOT!  When I click on the photo icon that takes me to my iphoto library, I get my photos from two weeks ago, not the ones I have taken since.  So after maybe 10 tries (not joking here), I go to "help".  What a joke!  One hour later,  after reading anything they had to offer, I try again.  No luck.   And then I decided the best thing to do is to 'throw up in public.'  Maybe someone else has this problem or better yet has SOLVED this problem.  I know I will never solve it with "Blogger help"  Any ideas???????


  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for following my blog.
    1 - As to uploading pictures, when you are editing a post there are two tabs at the top right - make sure you are on compose.
    2 - Then click on the little picture icon in the top menu bar "insert image." That brings up a menu with the title "Select a File."
    3 - Click the "Choose Files" button there and that should bring you to the folder where you keep your pictures - if not you can find it using the drop down menu in the little window.
    The other option is to open a Picasa account and upload your pictures to a Picasa web album.
    Follow the same steps 1 and 2 but for step three click on "From Picasa Web Albums" on the side of the window and that should bring up your ablum or albums and allow to select and insert the pictures you want.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Followed your directions exactly. when we come to my photos file, it is from two weeks ago. None of my current photos show so I guess Picasa is next. Thanks for taking the time to try and help. Somehow Blogger and iphoto are not communicating.


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