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Friday, April 27, 2012

Maui Memories

 Early in the week I was trying to practice some of Kathy Johnson"s suggestions with my "survivor jade" plant.  Then I was lucky enough to get into Linda Lucas watercolor class for this coming Saturday so decided I had better see what I could do with my washes and brushes and colors in anticipation.  I really didn't think or plan anything but like the primitive but happy result.  "Maui Memories"
Happy Paint Party Friday!


  1. I do love Jade plants and your painting of yours is terrific! Mine are cuttings from my elder aunt (93 next month). Her plant was HUGE. Mine are small and medium. But know they grow forever!
    The bottom watercolor is full of life. Enjoy that class! HPPF!

  2. I love your Maui Memories. Isn't that whole area just a real paradise! Your jade plant painting is so well done. Thanks for checking out my blog, too. Nice to meet you! happy PPF!

  3. Delightful Maui memories, Susan. I've been to Maui and what a place that is!!! All the bright colors you've shown are there. As for your survivor jade, the painting is lovely. As for the plant itself, well, bravo for hanging in there. I have a number of plants people have given me over the years that have gone through many near death experiences only to pop back to life when I remember that everything eventually needs a little water Faye
    Sorry but my Open ID doesn't seem to be working now, although I only moments left a comment in your April 20 post!!! Blogger has more than a few problems.

  4. Beautiful Maui memories. Ah.... takes me back to sunshine and sand. lovely. Happy PPF

  5. Beautiful paintings of your memories. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Love your Maui Memories especially and all its exploding volcanoes!!
    Yay for Hawaii!!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. Love the colours of the bottom one especially... hope you have fun at the course...xx

  8. What lovely colors!!
    I have joined some Diva's zen challenges. I'll surely participate again, in the future. :))

  9. I like your jade plant and fun colors in the 2nd painting.

  10. Love both your paintings but the bright colours of the second one ar fabulous.
    Von :)

  11. Loving BOTH paintings! The energy in your Maui Memories is awesome. Love the volcanoes and the pineapple. You totally captured the essence of Maui! Happy ppf (late) :-)


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