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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Red Moleskin

First attempt at sketching outdoors

From an old photo
I wasn't going to enter PPF this week.  I didn't think I had anything worth sharing.  However,  Lynne Cohen's story really motivated me to give it a go.

I got a new Moleskin sketchbook this past summer and two months later the pages were still white.  As I have said before, my orchids really cry out to me to paint, sketch or draw them but I resist.  They are so perfect!

I finally broke the barrier and made this sketch of my dendrobium display.

Not many days later I found an old photo of a cabin we built in Glen Elk Canyon in Colorado.
It was there we heard the report of Neil Armstrong on the moon from a 1940's style radio.  Anyway it holds alot of memories for me.
So, here they are and a happy PPF to all of you!


  1. your moleskine journal entries are wonderful and I'm glad that Lynn's story encouraged you to join in with PPF today! How wonderful to have built a log cabin in the woods - that sounds totally idyllic to me!

  2. So glad you did enter PPF this week!
    Your first attempts at working outside are AMAZING!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. beautiful pages,glad you did these this week!

  4. So glad you decided to participate this week!! These are beautiful pages!! Lynn is such an inspiration for me too!! I love her work!! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Gorgeous..truly beautiful work..wonderful energy vibing through..and so lovely that you have special memories!!

  6. I love having new sketchbooks. You have made a great start on yours. (You don't appear to have a Followers list, but I have managed to Save your blog into my sidebar..yay).

  7. Such beautiful sketching. Your orchids are amazing! I'm glad you decided to start using your new sketchbook.

  8. I love my moleskin. Lucky you with a red one! Beautiful journal pages and lots of pages for more beauty. Happy PPF

  9. I too love my moleskine, but I always found it so hard to start using them - I didn't want to spoil the pristine white pages. I gave my latest one to my girls and gave them a page each to colour in, and then I wasn't pristine white anymore, and it so was much easier to use.

    Lovely journal pages x

  10. Enjoy your new Moleskine. When I get a new sketchbook, I can't wait to use it. Enjoy your weekend, Ev

  11. I think your drawing of the orchids is fantastic! ANnd it's your first attempt? Then it's doubly great.

  12. Wow! Love the pen work on your orchids spread. I always wonder if I have done enough for Paint Party Friday, I have never not been nervous about what I share. I love a new much possibility and room for new stories.

  13. Your drawings have a beautiful movement in them! Great work.

  14. Beautiful! I love sketchbooks!

  15. Your orchids are amazing with that trellis behind it - lots of fun curls and shapes!

  16. I can't believe it was your first attempt to sketch outside!!! Really beautiful!


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