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Friday, July 12, 2013

What is "yupo"?

Several have asked me what yupo is.
It is a plastic sheet of paper.  There are several ideas for it's use on line.
I have been preparing it with alcohol.  I spray it on and rub it around to remove any oil.

Then I give it a coat of matte medium
I use a Walmart paint roller to apply the matte medium
The next step is to apply Halloween children's spider web.
I secure the webbing with T pins pushed into the cardboard that the paper is attached to.
The thinner you pull the webbing, the more interesting the end result.
I then spray this with water so the webbing adheres to the paper.
Then I use Dick Blick liquid watercolor to spray the paper.
The paper must remain flat until it is dry and then you remove the webbing.
Every page is a surprise.

If I want to paint on it, I spray it with a fixative.
Give it a coat of matte medium and then paint.
In this case I used liquid acrylics for the base and then regular acrylics.
I think it makes an interesting background.
What are your thoughts and/or questions?
Happy PPF


  1. Brilliant results! Thanks for explaining what Yupo is, I've heard about it but never really seen an explanation :)

  2. Fascinating, I have not heard of this paper before. Your results are great. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.


  3. Wow, so gorgeous. I had heard of Yupo but I didn't know how to use it. Thanks for giving us the info on it. Your work is so pretty.

  4. What a cool technique! That could be a lot of fun to play with for journal backgrounds...Love your parrot! And little Harley swimming in the previous post is just too adorable!!

  5. Great technique with wonderful results, I will give it a try:) Thank you for sharing

  6. Those tropical colors so ideal for this bird. Saludos

  7. thank you for the explanation-love the results!

  8. Thanks for sharing your process!! I love this background!!Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Ohhh that is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the process.

  10. thanks for the inspiration! what a cool idea :) love it!


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