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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tangles in "Rad Color"

Using forgotten tangles here

The Challenge this week at I am the Diva is to use color in our tangles
in honor of the "Color Me Rad" 5K race held recently in Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan, Canada.  
I love color so this was a treat for me.  From time to time I treat myself to a
watercolored page to work on.
Here are a couple of recent ones.

And sometimes, I use just a touch of color.
Thank you Laura for a fun challenge!


  1. they are all wonderful. but I'm in awe with the fan in the top tile, I must try my hand on that one too. love it

  2. All are lovely! The first one is my favorite.

  3. Your zendala ais great, I love the use of 'forgotten' tangles!

  4. Love the rendering of the first tile. The colors looks lovely!!

  5. They all look great but I think that my favorite one is the second one. I like the subtle nature of the colors in this one.

  6. I love the first. The red jumps out, and I like what you did with it. They're all great!

  7. These are all lovely - beautiful colours!

  8. Love the subtle watercolor backgrounds, they enhance your work beautifully! The transparent paints are amazing@


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