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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Paint Party Friday, food for my creative soul

A couple of years ago I found Paint Party Friday
When I wasnt participating, I was lurking.
Since I have been working full time I really haven't had much time for my creative side.
Last Friday I was lurking again and found "Rosie in New Zealand's" entry.
You all know I am the "queen" of yupo backgrounds.
They rest all over the house awaiting inspiration.
Well, this past Friday, Rosie was my inspiration.
You can also see her on Facebook at Rosie Kaplan Art.
Thanks Rosie!

I carefully cut my water color paper and started weaving strips of a discarded background.

And here is the result.  

Another background that is a work in progress.
This won't be posted at Paint Party Friday this week because we are off on a much anticipated trip to Montreal and Quebec City.
If you have any "must see" suggestions, please post them.  We don't want to miss anything.

P.S.  We are back from a wonderful time in Quebec.  It was foreign enough to be interesting and familiar enough to be comfortable.  Perfect!  And I never got this posted.


  1. OH what a great idea and beautiful results!!

  2. Love the background and the woven pieces. I have been admiring Rosie's work too these past few weeks, it's a great idea. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. I haven't been ti Montreal as a kid but Quebec City is so French, European and gorgeous. Just walk around, eat and enjoy! Love your backgrounds to day too!

  4. I have been admiring Rosie's weaving on her blog, and yes, it is perfect for those gorgeous backgrounds of yours. Really love this!

  5. Wow.What a transformation.Perfect use of your background papers.Glad you had a nice time in Quebec.

  6. It's beautiful, and I'm in love with Rosie's work as well.

  7. fantastic projects-the colors are so vibrant! I'd love to visit those cities some day:)

  8. Great background. The woven pieces are just awesome. Nice work.

  9. Very colorful. Great that you found time for the weaving. Beautiful.

  10. Very colorful. Great that you found time for the weaving. Beautiful.

  11. love your woven piece... that is so colourful and creative! Gorgeous restful blue piece too!

  12. Looking forward to see more of the background piece in progress

    Much love...

  13. Really nice, you are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday:

  14. Super paper weaving. Happy PPF

  15. I love the woven piece. The colors are so rich and beautiful.
    I will be visiting Quebec City soon and can't wait to go.

  16. These are great pieces!! I imagine there are so many ways to go with those weaves pieces!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. I love thos wonderful projects!
    Enjoy your trip!


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