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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A visit to Ornans, France

We have just returned from an amazing trip to Ornans, France.
We visited friends who have a summer home there.
I don't know what I was expecting but this was a spectacular town built along the Loue River.

Some of the homes, including the one we visited, are 400-500 years old.  They must maintain the original exteriors but the interiors are all updated beautifully.

Spectacular rocky cliffs and castles overlook the town.
(This is a view from our third floor bedroom window)

The surrounding countryside is a painter's dream

Petunias everywhere

Gorgeous woods nearby
Beautiful old churches topped with the typical rooster
And of course, amazing food!

We were also fortunate to visit the Gustave Courbet Art Museum.  Not only was his collection amazing but the building housing the collection was as unique as any I have seen.
They built around his original home with a very contemporary style complimenting the old walls of his home.  Portions of the building have a glass floor looking down on the Loue River.
This was an awesome trip for us.  It will be hard to top.

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