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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall celebration

One of the few sacrifices we make living in Florida is fall.
Sometimes we can feel it in the air but we have to travel north to enjoy the color.
Whenever we go north, I collect leaves to press and use in various
art projects.  These leaves came from my daughter's yard in Connecticut.

Life is about trade offs.  My orchids growing on my lanai are my trade off.
If I loved in a climate with fall, I wouldn't have these blooming in my yard.


  1. I like your tile, especially with the wood grain background to the leaf. Gorgeous flowers to have in your garden too.

  2. Your Fall leaves are lovely! I love the idea of sitting on a lanai smelling of orchids. Your orchid and flower watercolors from your previous post are gorgeous. I need to do more real life drawing. Thanks for the inspiration and for visiting my blog and leaving such thoughtful and generous comments.

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  4. I could learn to live without autumn if I had orchids like that too. However, I think it's a good job you have family further north so you have the means to make such a lovely drawing as this one. Best of both worlds?

  5. Both are lovely and you are fortunate that you can have both in your life.

  6. A very nice tile :-) I like the patterns you chose for the leaves and the background looks very special. Lovely :-)

  7. Beautiful - both your tile and the orchid!

  8. Great tile! Beautiful orchid, and worth the trade off!


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