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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mistakes happen, don''t quit

I am lucky to live in an area with a great art center.
We can rent studio time and/or we can take classes for very reasonable fees.
This was originally a "grid" design done in a class.   I just couldn't get comfortable with it.
So, I matt mediumed on top of the acrylic and did a spider web on top of the original
design.  The only thing I liked in the original piece was the dragonfly so I "saved it".
The spider web is halloween webbing on the yupo and then I spray different colored dyes
on the webbing.  It sucks up the dye and transfers it to the yupo.
The rest is done with stencils and white acrylic.
I think I like it better now.

Another background started here.  This is acrylic and then I smush a drycleaner bag on it,
let it sit 10 minutes and then remove and admire.

We got lucky this week...triplet blooms!
Happy PPF!


  1. Love the transformation of your first piece today. It looks great now. The second piece is very interesting, I love the technique. And congrats on those wonderful blooms! By the way, there are lots of castles along the Rhine, some ruined, some still used, and a lot of famous painters spent time drawing and painting them! Have a good weekend, Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  2. fantastic composition in that first piece-it really takes my eye around the whole piece! The second one is so cool looking as it is . What a really beautiful flower!

  3. Nice work on the first piece, I like the swirly flight of the dragonfly.

  4. I really like that first piece with the spidery webbing. I like the design. The WIP promises to be very interesting. Such an unusual technique with the plastic bag.

  5. Its always fun to see the transformation of something that we don't think is working into something entirely different and that works! Great you stuck with it, it turned out beautifully.

  6. Very interesting how you transformed your piece and breathed new life into it. Happy PPF

  7. Very nice and I love your gorgeous!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Your dragonfly painting is lovely! It's wonderful that you took something you liked less and transformed it into something you like more. Gorgeous photo of the flowers too.

  9. Wonderful composition on that first piece. Color and placement keeps the eye moving I love that.

  10. Love your creative approach to these paintings - and what a fabulous bloom!! Happy PPF :)

  11. That sounds like a great art centre! Great transformation of your piece too, and that background looks so much fun!


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