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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Manic activity

There are days, and there are DAYS.
Some days I have the creative energy of a slug.
Other days I get up and am possessed with finishing off all
the projects from the "slug" days.
I hate to waste my days off with no creative juices because then I 
have to wait till the next week.
So today I am humming along

I started with another random dump of color on yupo.  Don't know what it will become.
It will have to wait till my next manic day.

This will become a weave when I have the patience to paint in over, under,
over, under shading.

Yet another mountain done with cheese cloth.  As Denver, Colorado is my original
home, I think I will do the skyline in front of the mountains, some day.

Not sure if this is done or not.  I was practicing a few different uses of the same

This one is DONE!

As I mentioned, I am from Denver.  I have been a Bronco fan since they played their
games at the University of Denver football field (long since demolished).  So it goes without saying
where I will be this Sunday (and it won't be at a party).  I will be home cheering them
And happy PPF


  1. Yes, sometimes we have those weeks where not much is possible, so I wish you lots of energy to keep going with your beautiful art and good luck to your Broncos! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I have never tried yupo, but it always looks so appealing!

  3. I may need to find this yupo paper to play with:) Love how you used the cheesecloth! Good luck on Sunday!

  4. These are lovely with wonderful texture and colour! I hear you about the creative energy... I was in a panic since I needed to do something creative and it wasn't happening!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. oh wow, those bright colours .... Love it! And that cheesecloth gives such a great result!

  6. Very cool stuff! I like how you used different textures and even included cloth. Thanks! xo

  7. So many beautiful pieces this week. I love all your textures and colors. Happy weekend.

  8. I think most of us are like that sluggish and then manic with our art. These are all beautiful.

  9. Wow, so many different art pieces. It is great that you had motivation to complete your pieces!

    I like deciding what each piece will become as I am creating too!

  10. Great projects! So glad it wasn't a slug day. :)

  11. I understand how you feel. I think we call go through those phases. The best part is what comes after the "slug" phase. Keep the faith. You must be happy that your team won :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.

  12. What a lovely variety, with lots of colour and techniques.
    My favourite may be the blue and pink, second last one, it has so much depth to it.


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