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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stormy seas

Living on the Gulf of Mexico has it's own special beauty
(now that hurricane Matthew has come and gone).
I love watching the scores of birds fluttering above the water hoping for a glimpse
of dinner.

This was another one of the acrylic dumps I do
and then added the birds and called it done.

This closeup shows how happy accidents happen.  I had hoped the purple
would spread throughout but no, it settled.  Once it dried, I liked the added interest of the 
purple pool.

The past three weeks we spent some time on the road in search of fall foliage'  
We headed north through the Great Smoky Mtns all the way to Saratoga Springs, NY.
We covered 13 states and saw all sorts of spectacular color.  It truly was a feast for our eyes 
as each area has it's own "color personality".

So, this is my fall impression.  This was one layer of gold acrylic paint,  I added leaves and different colors until it was "done".  A week later I added a last glaze of a gold color to tone down the original gold.  Now maybe it is too dark but I can't go back.  
It must be done.
Hope those of you living in the "northern climes" are enjoying your beautiful surroundings.
We sure did.
Happy PPF!


  1. Beautiful work, I especially love the autumn colours. Hugs, Valerie

  2. The ocean scene is so lovely. Love the purple effect.
    The leaves are beautiful, too.
    Happy PPF ♥

  3. You have captured the wonderful deep blue ocean so beautifully- I love it! And I don't think your autumn leaves are too dark at all-the rich colors are stunning as I can imagine all the scenery you saw along your trip. Happy PPF!

  4. Beautiful. I envy your trip north. Beautiful fall leaves

  5. Love the stormy sea painting! I can just smell that salt air and feel the rush of wind.

  6. Beautiful work, both of them. I like the wild stormy blue sea, and your fall impression has so much depth.

  7. Beautiful rich work... you have capture the energy of Autumn perfectly!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Love the fall foliage. However, the stormy sea is my fave this week. At first I thought the purple was a ship. I love that it is there and leaves so much to the imagination.

  9. The ocean waves you can feel crashing about but my fav is the fall leaves. So colorful.


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