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Friday, February 3, 2017

It's Friday already!

I can't believe it is Friday...again!
Time is flying by.
I am happy to have had some time to play in my paints this week.
The painting above is on watercolor paper.
What got in to me?
I had a class on abstracts and discovered I could make my paint run almost as well as 
I do on the yupo paper.  

Another painting on watercolor paper.
This background was a loser so i covered it with white paint and then put 
plastic on the paint and squished it around, pulled it up and then I had something to play with.
Still a bit homely but better than before.

This is the background on yupo from last week.
The photo is crooked, not the chain.

 And another background awaiting inspiration
There are no orchids this week but there are lots of buds
getting ready to open.
See you next week and thank you so much for visiting!
Happy PPF


  1. Love your colourful art. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Lovely work Susan, both the abstract and the backgrounds. I should focus more on backgrounds.

  3. Your painted papers are really beautiful, both figures and colours, and I love the elephant art work, it's fabulous ♥
    Happy PPF 😃

  4. Hello Susan, your backgrounds are so creative. I like how you redeemed the 'loser' as you called it - a good lesson!
    My favourite is the last one. Cheers now :D)

  5. beautiful,colorful creations Susan!

  6. Beautiful pieces again! Thanks for reminding me of the plastic, I think it's a great technique with awesome results. Need to use it again too :-) Love the little elephants, and that colourful background!

  7. I love the one where you used squished plastic to move the colors around. It is really awesome!

  8. So lovely colors! The elephant looks cute - happy weekend!

  9. I am totally new to the plastic technique, but it looks great. This is such a colourful post. I think I'm going to try an abstract painting next. I desperately need to loosen up with my painting. It sounds fun!
    I missed the orchid from last week, so I just had to take a peek... stunning. Happy PPF

  10. What bright and colourful art! So pretty! :)

  11. Great variety with stunning variation of colours!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. I know nothing about yupo paper, but the textures are beautiful Susan! Love them all, especially the elephant one. :) Happy Sunday. xx

  13. I really need to get my YUPO back on and play!Great inspiration!


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