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Friday, May 5, 2017

Three Turquoise Rocks

Years ago we visited Albuquerque, New Mexico and ended up in a pawn shop down
in a sketchy part of town.  The clerk was very interesting and most accommodating and ended up
showing us a room full of unbelievably gorgeous turquoise Native American jewelry
that had been pawned.  It was the most amazing array of jewelry I have ever seen, from
floor to ceiling, wall to wall.
So when I was painting this, the pawn shop was on my mind.  I wanted to add silver,
but just couldn't figure out how so here they are, three turquoise rocks.

I am taking part in an abstract art class, Painting Without Brushes.
I can tell I am trying and thinking hard because when I get home,
I am exhausted and am usually in bed by 8:30.
But thinking and trying sometimes doesn't get it.
I brought my piece home and 48 hours later, covered it with a thin film of white paint
and started over.  It is tough using your fingers (encased in ill fitting gloves).
So this morning, I tried again.  The thought was "bloom"

It has been terribly dry in Florida this spring.  Finally last night we had a good rain and when I went out on the lanai (to paint) this is what greeted me.  This is a cattleya orchid.

Wishing everyone a Happy PPF


  1. Love the colours in the turquoise rocks piece, nd the finger painting looks great. Beautiful orchid, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Luv the detailing in your turquoise rocks. The vase of flowers carry nice happy colours

    Happy PPF

    Much love...

  3. Lovely art. Especially love the vase with charming flowers. The orchid is so so beautiful.
    Happy PPF and weekend 💜

  4. Love the colour in these artworks. Might try finger painting. I fancy getting a bit messy.

  5. I really felt the turquiose rocks even before reading your memory. This is such a beautiful painting.Happy PPF :)

  6. Beautiful mixed media piece. I love turquoise! I often paint with my fingers and I once tried gloves, but never again. It might be healthier, but it's just not the same.... Happy PPF!

  7. What lovely flowers you've painted! I enjoyed the story and the photo as well.

  8. Wow! The turquoise painting is wonderful. I sure wish I could have seen that room at the pawn shop with all that turquoise.

  9. The turquoise rocks are gorgeous, and look superb against the background Susan. Well done.
    I love your flowers and think it's a beautiful painting, great colours and, again, a wonderful background.
    What a lovely surprise to be greeted with that superb orchid!

  10. Truly lovely paintings...I love how the colour peaks through the white on floral background...beautiful floral, and wonderful turquoise painting too. So much depth to that one!! What a stunning orchid!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Wow! What beautiful works of art! Love the pretty vase of flowers and the trio of eggs! Your orchid is gorgeous! Happy PPF :)

  12. Beautiful paintings!
    Wonderful colors and patterns.

  13. Exciting and lovely paintings! And a lovely orchide!

  14. The turquoise rocks are really nice and that's a gorgeous flower!! I like your finger painting too.


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