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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And now, back to Zentangle...

Puppies can cause sleep deprivation.  Ours has been pretty good at this but is getting better.  I am still up once at around 3 AM for a 'pee break' with him.
So when I am a bit 'snarly' I get out the notebook and take a zentangle break.  I had found a great website, where Mary Ann Boysen demonstrated watercolor glazing.  It is so much fun, and the results are beautiful.  I just wish I was an artist and could really capitalize on these pretty designs.  But I am not so I just tangle away on them and the colors shine through.  Have a look at her website.  It is fun and easy.

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  1. This is VERY cool! :) I will definitely try this...I think it would be fun also with the twinkling that they shimmer with the mica powders! :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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