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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A puppy is a puppy for such a short time

Harley has been with us for about 9 weeks now.  He has us completely trained, his goal from day one.  He has become such a mop that every small weed or twig in the yard found easy access to the house by jumping aboard and riding in on him.  We finally decided it was time for a trim.  But wait, don't trim too much off, don't make him look like a sissy or a show dog.  He has to look the same but with shorter hair.  Dee, the groomer has met people like us before.  "I think I know what you want.  Please come back in two hours and he will be ready."  "I promise, no bows, no nail polish, just a trim."
She was as good as her word.  Here he is in all his glory, completely exhausted but trimmed and clean.  What happened to my puppy?


  1. Harley is adorable!! And his "trimmer" did a good job.


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