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Monday, December 5, 2011

Challenge "Fife"

Oh wow, I got lucky this week.  A couple of weeks when I saw the new tangle "Fife" on the Zentangle site, I had some fun with it.  So seeing as I have a room full of gifts to wrap, I will call on an already completed tangle.  That will give me time to do my ZIA gift tags.


  1. I love how you have so many ribbons flowing in the breeze! Unusual.

  2. This tile has a great floaty feeling!

  3. This is great; it's a beautiful vase of flowers!

  4. What a clever idea to have Fife "unwind" in the breeze! Great tile.

  5. So pretty .
    Your tile reminds me of a poinsettia flower tied with flowing ribbons. Thank you for visiting my post and your nice comments.


  6. The ribbons are wonderful and the shading is perfect.


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