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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sarasota Orchid Society Auction

Every year our orchid society hosts an auction.  The orchids are supplied by growers that participate in our annual show in January.  It is the very BEST place to shop for orchids.
Last evening close to one hundred orchid enthusiasts gathered to bid on the plants they couldn't live without.  Bidding started at five or ten dollars depending on the size and type of plant.   It is so much fun!  You win some and you loose some and everyone goes home with something.  I waited all evening to bid on Paphiopedilum Macabre (right top).  Because some folks had left by then, I paid $22.00 for it.
The second plant down is Blc. Marge Putnam.  It will be a large plant, not exactly what I need on my small lanai but I loved the big flowers.
The third down is another Blc. Doctor Joe Walker 'Cotton Candy'.  It has a wonderful fragrance and is a gorgeous flower, don't you agree?
The fourth down is Blc. Meditation x California Girl.  Do you see a pattern here?  I am a sucker for cattleyas.  This too has a scent
And last but not least (and I promised myself I would not buy a Phal.) is Phalaenopsis New Cinderella.
It is the same color as a plant from my Mother's collection.  It died after 14 years of regular blooming.
Money raised from this auction goes for research.  It is a totally enjoyable evening for everyone.  Thanks to the growers that donated so generously.  I hope everyone will 'rebloom' their plants next year.  

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