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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Orchids by the Sea"

I love Phrags and Paphs.  This color caught my eye.

Lovely artwork as well as planting supplies
and of course orchids are available.

Each display had it's winners.
Today is the last day of "Orchids by the Sea", the Sarasota Orchid Society show and sale.  It is an amazing event.  Orchid Societies from the southwest Florida area create amazing displays that are
judged and awarded.  Orchid suppliers provide an incredible assortment of plants available for sale.
Then there are books, artwork, planting supplies and plant display supplies available.  It is just a perfect place to spend a few hours and enjoy the beauty of these amazing plants.  After hours members of the Society enjoy a catered dinner amongst the displays.
I was a "worker bee" on Saturday but managed to come home with some Aliflor, charcoal and fungicide (in anticipation of spring potting) and a dear little specie,  C. Walkeriana, Semi-Alba Carmela.  It has a wonderful scent.   I also got a tiny bit of a vanda.  I have never grown these so this will be a bit of a challenge.

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