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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Carole Ohl's "tangle a day"

I treated myself to  Carole Ohl's "tangle a day" calendar for 2012.   This is so much fun for those who enjoy the Zentangle (a registered trademark) art form.  I am not a Certified Zentangle Teacher but was fortunate enough to take a class in Zentangle.  I was hooked.  As you know, I follow the Diva Challenges religiously.  This calendar is another way to enjoy your Zentangle daily.  There are several ways to use the Calendar.  I have been entering a tangle a day but on '19,20,21 I had a single string running through all three days.  It is a wonderful way to practice my tangles, try new tangles and remember to old ones hidden in tangle books filed away in drawers.  I ordered my calendar directly from Carole Ohl at '' but it can be ordered from
Treat yourself!

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