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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dendrobium Amabile Nobile

As anyone that raises anything knows, every once in a while you have a "solid gold moment" with whatever it is you are raising.  In my case, my passion is orchids.  Every spring I watch and count the little "pinecones" that will produce beautiful cascades of little orchids, pale pink with an egg yolk center.  This spring my Dendrobium Amabile Nobile produced fourteen (an all time record for it) buds.  They started opening a couple of days ago.  Today I brought it into the house where it is cooler and hopefully the blooms will last a bit longer.  Isn't it beautiful???


  1. Yes, it is stunning. I love orchids, too. I have only had the common ones that you can buy at the grocery store. I have done several paintings of them, but now I have none, as when I go away(about three times a year for up to 3 weeks, there is no one to mist or water them.

    1. I so wish I could paint them. I have made a few attempts but so far nothing to share. Thanks for visiting!

  2. It IS gorgeous and I'm not familiar with this type of dendrobium - it looks VERY cool. Thanks for the visit and encouragement.

  3. Hi,
    As "googling" Dendr. Amabilis,(just bought one yeaterday), your BEAUTIFUL picture showed up! It is amazing! Just wanted to let you know. In our climate, we have to work hard for the Orchids to thrive, indoors and outside, but it is all worth it!

    Best regards from rainy Copenhagen,


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