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Monday, May 21, 2012

Redland International Orchid Festival

Cattleya mossiae v. semi alba

This past weekend we set out on our annual trek to Homestead Florida, about four hours from us, to the Redland International Orchid Festival.  In the past we drove down, enjoyed the show and then went further south to the Florida Keys for a leisurely overnight stay.  But now we are dog owners, or rather we are Harley's servants.  So off we went and he was fine,  perched in his throne aka dog car seat.  However when we arrived in Homestead, the sun was much stronger than any of us anticipated.  His only goal was to crawl under the tables of the display booths and hide from the sun.  My patient husband took him back to the car  and air conditioning while I raced through the booths.
The Redland International Orchid Festival is evolving into quite a sophisticated show from it's early days. There were 36 vendors from all over the world, classes covering growing, planting, pests, vandas, Schomburgkia, even "orchids of Madagascar".   Each year they have a beautiful orchid poster advertising the show.  Many collect these lovely watercolors for personal display.  I missed last year's poster but did snag one from this year.
No time to waste, Harley and his master were waiting in the car.  I grabbed supplies that I can only purchase at the Festival, bought  four orchids from my "must have" list and headed back to the car.
We stopped for Diet Dr Pepper and Cheetos and headed home.  We were eight hours on the road and about an hour and twenty minutes at the Festival.  BIG difference from previous trips but Harley has added so much to our lives, I am not complaining.

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