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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brayd challenge (with a little sprinkle of the Wisconsin State Fair)

My little knitter
This week's challenge was to use Brayd in a tile.
We enjoyed a long weekend in Wisconsin, meeting our newest grand daughter
and attending the Wisconsin State Fair (hot but great fun).
Our grand daughter is the third in the family so we had a lot of entertainment.
And I was able to share some art and knitting with my seven year old grand daughter.
She has started a lovely knit scarf and a journal (with her ticket from the fair).
Too much fun!

So I am rather slow to get my "brayd" started.  I have doodled this since college days
Grandpa taking loot to car
but can never figure out how to incorporate it into anything.  
You all will show me I am sure.


  1. susan - i like the way you drew your brayd without the band lines - it gives it a totally different look - and i like it a lot!

  2. A garden of beauty! I almost see Jack's beanstalk soaring into the sky!

  3. I agree with Alice about the band lines, it opens it up and softens the look. I think you did a great job, feels light and organic, and I love your border! Love the pic of Grandpa taking the goodies to the car =0)

  4. Lovely touch with you pen Susan! The lacy edging is delightful.

    1. I found the border on line by Judy West and called Scolloped Balloons. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Love your brayd tile. It is very clear, you will not get lost into details.

  6. I think this tile is great. It's not always easy, certainly not with all those great CZT here in blogland ;)

  7. I have to second what Alice & Dawn write about the bordering - you have a lightness to yours that makes it very organic - like a shoot poking out of the soil. In fact the whole sense of vegetation is enhanced by your leaves & the MSST. Maybe it's your photo header that put me in mind of a jungled tropical rainforest!
    Love your loot photo!
    Paula (PEP)


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