It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. Helen Walton

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Definition of "scattered"

Fun with marbles

"To separate and go, or send in different directions"
That would be me.
When I started this blog and selected my name, I was enjoying Zentangle and sketching
with a bit of knitting thrown in and oh, yes, the bead stash and we can't ignore
the eighty some orchids on the lanai or the watercolor. Thus the name "Scattered".                                           Nothing changes, except that I have added digital photography to the mix

The good news is that it keeps me busy, and away from house work which I abhor.
Today I am posting a couple of samples from this weeks photography class.
I had a simple, trusty Canon that never failed me.  When it met it's demise
I replaced it with a much classier variety of Canon with a whole wheel of settings.
After failing miserably with the new (and pricier) camera, I signed myself up for a class
at the local art center.  These are a couple of samples of our third assignment.
I am excited.  I think that I will be charge of this camera (rather than it being in charge of me)
when the class completes.
Happy Paint Party Friday!


  1. When I got my new Canon Rebel earlier this year I was totally lost (I previously had a Canon Powershot)...I too took a class and it was absolutely the best step!!! I promised myself I would not buy any new lenses until I knew my camera inside and out...still working on that but loving every minute on it. Enjoy!!

  2. A new camera can be an adventure- and these photos show you're getting along fabulously with your camera!

  3. A camera you can control is far better than the most expensive camera with a mind of its own. You can learn a lot in these photog classes. The above shot is gorgeous.

  4. Taking a photography class is such a great idea. It is very inspiring to learn some new tricks with the camera. Wonderful.. Happy PPF

  5. beautiful photo-and yes you are in charge-you go!Happy PPF

  6. Beautiful!! I just love cannon cameras...I'm curious which one you got. I almost bought another on sale last week. For now I just use my small purse size that I love...As for scattered....that's how was when I first started blogging... I am more focused on art now!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Lovely photography ~ great post ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    I haven't found a niche or art style so feel scattered at times ~ ^_^

  8. That marble photo is really wonderful with the off centre view point... really love both...xx

  9. Fabulous marbles shot! Great angle, awesome light, wonderful colours.

  10. I love that marbles photo! :) They look fun and remind me of my childhood. :)

  11. My grown son said something about his old marble collection from childhood on Facebook the marbles were like his friends..anyway, your first photo took me there again!
    I like that photo very much! Have fun with camera and new knowledge!

  12. Great shot of the marbles. There is nothing like taking a class to get you fired up about a new way of expressing your creativity.

  13. These are great pictures, both of them!

  14. LOVE that second shot! Really pretty! The marbles are cool too! :0)

  15. Lovely photos! and sculptures! It's fair enough to know about how the camera works.. I'm not much technical (I was before for some reason).. so I must have it simple.. :)) Good luck to you! :)

  16. Great pictures, love the colors and the reflections!


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