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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sankegg, attempt #5 or 6


Sankegg is a CHALLENGE.
After two unsuccessful tries, I put it on graph paper.
I still couldn't get the first row to sync with the second row.
So remembering long ago when Laura had us "biggify" a tangle,
I biggified Sankegg.  It really didn't seem to make it any easier to understand
but I enjoyed the "owl like" design that emerged.


  1. Good idea Susan. It was a hard one that frustrated me, too. Like the way you have used paradox here.

  2. I like this idea of biggifying. Your tile is beautiful,

  3. Good idea! and it was a hard one indeed! :D

  4. Way to go! The patterning inside the line gives an atmosphere of elegance!

  5. Biggifying was sure a brilliant idea. Very nice ZIA.

  6. Great solution to this challenge! Your tangles are so well done.

  7. Hi Susan, you are the lucky winner of the raffle I did yesterday! Would you please e-mail me ( and give me your mailaddress so I can send you your price? And hey: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! and by the way: your Sankegg is really beautiful. I am subscribing myself to your site. Love 'n greetz, Ellen

  8. Well, yes, this sure looks lie a challenge! I think you did a magnificent job!


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