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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Symphony of Orchids

Laela rubescens var. 'alba' Walter
Sarasota Orchid Society presents its annual Orchid show,
A Symphony of Orchids
this weekend at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.

I feel like a 'stage mom'.  But first, let me tell you how I got to this place in my life.  In early December, the Orchid Society had a dinner/auction.  I eyed this beauty before dinner and decided I would definitely make a run at it in the auction.  When the bidding got to $50 dollars, I opted out.  My husband, who usually complains about the care and feeding of my orchid family, slid $65 dollars over to me and said, "go for it."  And I did, and I got it!  When paying for it, the grower came up and asked if I would please enter it in the show in January as she was sure all 12 stems would be open by then.
I have never entered a plant in the show so decided this was a way to start, with her tutelage.

Cattleya Volcano Trick Fireball
In the meantime, one of my favorites was covered with blooms so I decided, why not it too?
Then the preparations began.  All of the paper thin 'silk' had to be removed from the stems.  The
blooms were secured to stakes with bits of green wire.  Both stake and wire are not be obvious when looking at the plant.  Then I washed the leaves in a mixture of whole milk and water.  This gives them a nice lustre and isn't harmful like leaf shine products.  Last, I had to find a basket to hide Volcano Trick Fireball's mossy pot.
Last night I watched one of those Tot Beauty Paegent Shows and thought," There I am, getting my girls ready for a beauty paegent."  Will they win???  Who knows, but this is a new adventure for me
(and my two girls).
Bring on 2013...I hope there are lots of new adventures in it for everyone!

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  1. They are gorgeous orchids - wishing you every success with them :)


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