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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Auraknot and Bunzo

It is Diva Challenge time again!
Sometimes Laura (the Diva) takes her challenges a bit to seriously.
And so, we have to take them seriously.
These two tangles, Auraknot and Bunzo were difficult for me to
"meld" together.
I love Auraknow, love the process of drawing it and love the result.
Maybe I will give this another go later in the week.


  1. Fun is a very serious matter:-) Very nice work, Susan.

  2. I like your tile! The touch of colour is very nice.

  3. Bunzos galore! Like the ribbon lacing through the Auraknot.

  4. The ribbon makes a striking feature Susan.

  5. I love how you weaved the blue ribbon through your auroknots, very nice.

  6. Beautiful how you weaved the auraknots together with the blue ribbon. And your bunzo looks great.

  7. Lovely with the blue ribbon keeping everything together.

  8. Very pretty :) love the pop of blue colour.


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