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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Negative watercolor

Couldn't resist the warm colors even though I had Connecticut 
on my mind.
This was an exercise in negative painting with a limited palette.
I enjoyed it enough to try it again.
Happy PPF!

As an aside, we had quite a wind storm in SW Florida last night.
This morning I fished a favorite cattleya from the bottom of our pool.
I have no idea whether or not it will make it.
If it does, I am sure we have killed any bugs it might have had!
In the meantime, I have pulled it out of the pot, cleaned and trimmed
the roots and it is lying naked on the garage floor.
New pot tomorrow.


  1. Love this! There's something quite magical about it xx

  2. Wow! Love your painting ~ colors are wonderful!

  3. Wow I love this painting!! I'd love to know the process!! The colors are fabulous too!
    You haven't put your link into ppf yet!! I missed you there!! Hope your orchid survives, they don't like water though do they?

    Take care and have a good weekend!
    Hugs Giggles

  4. I like your watercolour. Great composition and colours. Have a happy PPF and thank you for sharing.

  5. Love the complementary color scheme and the patterning in the negative space!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Beautiful painting and loving the gorgeous colourings.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. This is really a beautiful painting. I have tried to figure out how it was done and I'm not sure I have it. It looks like you put down the colors, then took a stencil of trees, and then filled in the spaces around. I love the look, even if I have the technique wrong.

  8. this piece of work is just so lovely... I do hope you do more of them... and hope that the plant survives... xx

  9. A good experiment. the result is good I think I can try it myself, thanks. Saludos

  10. I think this is a really beautiful piece. i love the colors and the masking you incorporated as part of the design. Brilliant.

  11. The colors in your art work are so beautiful!
    I hope your plant makes it! :o)

  12. I love the etheral feel to this painting. :-)

    BTW, just to let you know that I've given your blog a Liebster Award. The details are on my blog. Have a great week ahead!

    1. Thank you so much! Not sure how to do the linking and such. I will give it a go and thanks again.

  13. Lovely soft colors reminds me of spring

  14. what a beautiful watercolor painting-love the flow of the soft colors!


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