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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is coming...

Fun with a sponge and an orange stick

Spring is coming...
At least I hope it is.
Here in Southwest Florida we have had a cold week.
And when we have a cold week, we all whine.

So I have been thinking Spring.
I am repotting orchids, cleaning the lanai and just generally getting ready
for the warm weather (and our company).
We even cleaned out the garage this week.  I will take advantage of this motivation
as long as I can.

I played with a little negative glazing again this week.
I find it relaxing.  I think I will add some leaves and maybe some splatter


  1. The poppies are just glorious!

  2. The orchids are stunning, love how they appear to glow. HPPF!

  3. MMmmm I want spring! It is warming up here in Ontario but we still have alot of snow to melt.

    These make me long for it. Haha. I actually really love the simplicity of the first one, and coral is my favorite color! But the second one is lovely as well.

  4. Wonderful spring paintings!
    Especially love the orchids with its negative glazing.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. Beautiful florals. I find the translucent qualities of flowers so hard to capture and you do it so well. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  6. What gorgeous! subtle and perfect flowers. saludos

  7. Loving your paintings especially the second one.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. I hope the cold weather has moved on and that spring is arriving... and I love your negative glazing... hope you do some more of it...xx

  9. I would love to know more about negative glazing, those white flowers are so pretty.

  10. both so soft and beautiful but I LOVE the second one especially!! I've been hearing about the unusual cold in Fl. Friends lost everything in their greenhouse the other week. Hope it gets seasonably warm again!

  11. So beautiful and delicate. I love both paintings

  12. how delightful!! love your poppies :))

  13. I love your flowers too :)
    and let me say here (as you will not be notificated if I reply from my blog)
    that I am very touched by your comment on my orchids.
    Be happy,

  14. Beautiful paintings - love, love, love the poppies!! That painting would make a gorgeous fabric pattern...

    Happy PPF!

  15. your colorful blossoms do promise Spring around the corner. beautiful!

  16. Both gorgeous pieces Susan with fresh colours and dramatic shapes.

  17. Oh wow, that tree is so simple yet so so beautiful! Love it! And your flowers are so gorgeous too!

  18. Beautifully done! I especially like the fresh, cool colors in your poppies!


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