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Friday, June 7, 2013

More doodlin' dictionary

As mentioned earlier, I have converted a dictionary to a doodle book
On this page I used Mod Podge to attach the gecko.

And then I tried a stencil.

And a doodle.  I have glued every every other page together.
The plan was to use this in front of the TV.  (Will the NHL playoffs ever end?)
But then I tried other mediums and the book performs fine.
Saves a few $$$s to use on art supplies.

Just before Andrea arrived we were treated to these lovely blooms on the lanai.
Happy PPF
Schomburkia tibicins


Cattleya Anne Follis x digbyana


  1. This book is working really well. The 'words' certainly add to the doodle/sketching. Great idea.
    Gorgeous flowers too.

  2. Love the flowers. Your book is going great. Very nice. Thank you.

  3. Great borders and tree doodles

  4. I absolutely adore your book! Still have plans to try.... Which type of glue did you use? The pages look very plane, are there no bumps and bubbles?? And which pens and/or markers work best? I'd love to have your advice!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your flowers, they are lovely

    A very cool altered dictionary-I like the idea of doing it in front of the TV

  6. I love your book, what a great idea. I guess more time is needed in a day to do everything we would like to do.

  7. What a great idea! Love the "doodles". Now I'm off to find a book to repurpose!


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