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Monday, June 24, 2013

Water, wind and fire

I am a native Coloradoan, transplanted to Florida.
For thirty years, we lived in the beautiful foothills south of Denver.
And for thirty years we lived with the threat of fire.
When we bought our home the only water available in case of fire was a neighbor's pool.
I never realized the stress it placed on me until I left the area.
The smell of fire makes me have an anxious pain in my stomach.
It never goes away.

Last year the gorgeous land north of Colorado Springs burned.
This year the beautiful, pristine Black Forest (and four hundred residences) was lost to fire.
The town of South Park is currently threatened by a growing fire. 

And so, this week my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Colorado.
And Oklahoma devastated by tornadoes.
And Calgary, flooded by an angry river.


  1. beautiful. our hearts go to those in Colorado and in Oklahoma, and in all the places where the Earth seems so angry. <3

  2. Oh, this is a very good one!
    I like you chose patterns that are mirrors to the water and the fire.

  3. Very nice tile, and it's also good to remember other places where people are suffering because of nature. In addition to Colorado and Oklahoma (where I loved for 9 years); India comes to mind.

  4. Fire and water, Susan your tile is a very effective tribute.

  5. A beautiful tribute to all people suffering from the rage of nature.

  6. Mother Nature spares no one of her rath. So sad and so much loss. But, the human spirit it strong and nothing will keep it down. You've managed to combine both fire and water in your tile. Great job!

  7. Beautiful, individual tile! I feel for you and know how it feels to live with an angry climate.

  8. Wonderful tile that truly expresses the words and emotions in your beautifully written blog ...

  9. Your tile is beautiful! I live in Colorado and having seen all the destruction of last years fires, it is sad to see so many again this year. My thoughts & prayers go out to so many around our planet suffering in the midst of these disasters.


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