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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I kicked the "monkey"

I hope you have read Danny Gregory's blog on the "monkey".
You MUST read it!  

A couple of weeks ago the blahs hit.  Even my doodles looked crummy.
Always wanting to keep my creative juices going, I went back to my knitting and 
left my art table alone.   I thought about what I had read in Danny's column but just couldn't shake that "monkey".  Two scarves and a pair of socks later, today I sat down to see
if I could at least add to a page I started weeks ago.

Not done yet but definitely not as crummy as some of the stuff I have done lately.
So I pulled out an old canvas with three layers on it.
And here is number four.

Danny, thank you so much!  I think I am feeling better now


  1. thanks so much for sharing that link! It's something all of us need to hear from time to time ... I'm glad you're getting out of your slump. I especially love that last painting!

  2. Beautiful blue and yellow piece, love this.

  3. love your paintings-and thanks for sharing the link that helped you through.

  4. These are both wonderful! We all need a break sometime! Maybe the monkey was actually good luck. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  5. Wonderful painting and very insightful link. Thank you for sharing:) HPPF

  6. The monkey has visited me as well at times - I did read some of Danny's posts and found them very enlightening. I am with you - sometimes you need to back off and then come back with a fresh spirit. Lovely paintings - glad you have beaten the monkey back a bit.

  7. I will have to read the article. If the monkey is the stealer of your creative juice then I definitely have experienced that. Sometimes for me it's just a wake up to fill the well with other things just like you did knitting. Thanks for the lovely work and the link. I will check it out. xox

  8. Oh this is beautiful, the yellow is so fresh and sunflowers is one of my favourite flowers! Glad you beat the monkey! Have a great week

  9. Beautiful! I have to check that blog, thanks for sharing! <3

  10. Wonderful, my favorite is The first one.
    The combinations of yellow and blus turquoise is amazing.


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