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Monday, August 19, 2013

Leftie Challenge

It's Monday and there is a challenge from over at
I am the Diva.
This week we are to do a monotangle with our left hand.
Sounds easy enough, until you try it.
I had spotted Kathy Barringer's "Lovely Loops" and decided they would be a snap.
This takes such concentration and it still is all wobbly.

 Then I decided a grid might be easier.
My apologies to Beth Snoderly for my attempt at "Quare".
And last but not least, my final attempt at a grid.
The pencil grid was easier this time, but those hearts!
I was exhausted when I finished.
Great challenge Laura!

And after all of this, I see I was supposed to use "bales".  Somedays I should just stay in bed!


  1. You were creative and ambitious with this challenge and I love seeing the gorgeous lines!

  2. I agree, I was exhausted too after finishing. A great challenge though.

  3. Great job. Your attempts at these three patterns are much better than you think. I'm not sure I would have known they were done with your non dom hand if you hadn't said so.

  4. Susan, I love that you used my Lovely Loops, I think it looks great. I had enough problems doing one tile, much less three, and you picked such an intricate pattern for the last tile, and did it very well!

  5. I think your challenge was much harder, and you kept on going - very admirable! I like that you tried three very different tangles - you've inspired me! I might just have to try a few others myself....

  6. I agree, you did challenge yourself more than I did. Bales is easy compared to your last one with the harts. And yes I had to concentrate very wel and it took me more time to finish the tile than normaly, so very educational to do this with our left hand.

  7. Way to persevere. You definitely challenged yourself. I can understand that you were exhausted after dong the last one.

  8. You are brave!! I had such a hard time tangling Bales that I stopped after the first tile!

  9. Great challenge! I once did a whimsical girl with left hand and it was all wonky no matter how much i tried. :)

  10. This is fun! It's supposed to be real good for our brains to use our non-dominant hand sometimes for doing daily tasks....


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