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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Laura at I am the Diva has come up with one of her own tangles this week.
She is calling it Boo*Kee and gives us easy to follow directions.
So our challenge was to use Boo*Kee in a tile.
It is slow at work at this time of year so I had time to play with Boo*Kee.

Later in the day, I took another try at it.

What I like about this tangle is that it can really have a different look
depending on how it is used.
Thanks Laura.  


  1. It is a very adaptable tangle, isn't it? And you've done two very lovely versions - both quite different in style and form. Axxx

  2. Both tiles are great! I also love that you can change up this tangle!

  3. The first tile is my favorite, I like the touch of red in it.

  4. Lovely pieces - one reminds me of an oyster with teeth and one of a lace curtain at a window, being pulled back to give a better view. Maybe not what you had in mind, but what I can see, today :) xx

  5. These are both lovely, Susan. I really like the variation you have come up with in the 2nd tile :)

  6. Great pieces Susan, love the touch of red and the variation on the 2nd tile :)


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