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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Just can't seem to leave the yupo alone.
This one was initially painted with Createx gold and quinocredone gold.  I smushed
a dry cleaning bag around on it to get some good texture, left it for about five minutes and 
pulled the bag off.  When all was dry, I gave it a coat of matte medium.
Then I mixed up some alizarin crimson water color and a tad bit of cobalt blue
and used a large brush to cover the entire sheet.  I got some interesting bubbles this time.
I traced my giraffe onto the dry red surface and began the lift using a small scrub brush
and water.  I love, love, love watching the subject emerge.
As you can see, I have left the most tedious, detailed part for last...
not a good idea!
Remember him?  He was done on plain white yupo with the same water color wash.
This color wash was crimson and orange sort of mixed on the surface.
And this will be an elephant if I can ever settle on the elephant sketch I want to use.
I used grey acrylic craft paint, silver and fuchsia Createx and smushed it
with crumpled up wax paper to get the texture I wanted.
I am thinking I will use a dark, dark purple for the watercolor wash.

That's what is sitting on my desk.  What about you??
Happy PPF
and here comes February!


  1. Fantastic, love that giraffe! I think I must try yupo! Valerie

  2. Wonderful work...yupo is amazing with great results!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Terrific results with your WIP's. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. That giraffe is GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see the elephant--what a cool technique!

  5. Nice wip's. The giraffe is awesome! Great work. Happy PPF!

  6. Love the Yupo results, always wondered what it looked like! Nice.

  7. Susan - just found your blog. Love the name and the quote. Enjoyed seeing into your journal pages...very lovely indeed. As for the Yupo - amazing...I have painted a couple of pieces in watercolor and love playing around on it. Looking at your giraffe and zebra got me excited to try something similar and use some acrylics. Thanks for inspiring. Have a lovely day.

  8. I'm fascinated by how you work your paints and drawings on the yupo paper-beautiful results!

  9. Your animal paintings are fantastic! I am so in awe of your artistic ability.

  10. love you animal paintings!!! well done!!! Happy PPF!!!

  11. I love your zebra, can't wait for the elephant! happy PPF!

  12. I love your giraffe.Such an interesting background texture too. Looking forward to see how the elephant develops. Happy PPF!

  13. I love both the zebra and the giraffe. The color on the zebra is so beautiful.

  14. Lovely work and such vibrancy in those colours, makes one think of their warm origins.

    : ) PPF Annabelle

  15. Accidentally deleted your comment on my blog, sorry : (

    Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

    xxx Annabelle

  16. Wonderful textures! Great animals! Wow.

  17. Wow I really like what you are doing. The giraffes turn out so bright and bold. Can't wait to see the elephant.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous work! Wow!! That giraffe is awesome!


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