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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Many months ago I did this spider web on yupo.  Today I had an idea for using it as a background.
I made my star stencils, taped them down on the background to show off the most interesting colors and painted the whole thing with a transparent acrylic paint.  I let that dry and then put down a few smaller star stencils and sprayed it lightly with white acrylic.

Unfortunately, the original is upside down from how I used it  today.
I think I will stamp a few white stars around and call it done.
It was a fun afternoon project and I used one of the many backgrounds I am accumulating.
Happy PPF!


  1. beautiful work, the background adds depth and complexity.

  2. Your textures are really great in this. I like the idea of covering part of it and letting some of it show in your shapes. Really cool.

  3. Wonderful use of the Yupo painting! The stars just seem to jump off the dark blue.

  4. Love your background. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. What a great background. Very nice work!

  6. Oh, my--how colorful and so bright and beautiful!

  7. I like how you add the stars. Wonderful.

  8. That spiderweb looks amazing! Love the texture and wonderful use of colours ....

  9. Wonderful these bright coloured stars! I like it!


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