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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This weeks Diva Challenge...Water

Thank You Laura!
In the midst of a hot steamy Florida summer
our challenge is "water"

One nice advantage to our summers is the wonderful aromas 
floating in the air.
Early on it is the gardenias and magnolias.  Later we have
the ginger and in our case an assortment of cattleya orchids.

Enjoy!  I wish you could smell them.


  1. I love the underwater feeling in your tile!

  2. Very pretty tile with these soft colouring!
    (P.S. : Your link on the Diva´s blog doesn´t work ... I come over "Home" to this post)

  3. lovely sun and water tile. the water feels so swirly. great work

  4. Your tile is lovely! I would love to smell all the flowers.

  5. Like the sun coming up on the horizon. We have had plenty of rain. Was not bad in our immediate area but a community in northern IN received over 10" of rain in a 24 hr period. Do not think they would see much good in a water theme. Wish there was a way to move some of it to California.


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