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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Background transformations

Another yupo background transformed.

After creating the background, I cut drew the vase and flowers on a piece
of posterboard.  I used a exacto blade to cut it out, put it on the background and
rolled the white acrylic.  I used a flower stamp to create the centers of the flowers.
Water color pencils were used to lightly define the stems and create a shadow at the base
of the vase.

The latest background awaiting inspiration.
Wishing you all a Happy PPF


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE that new background! The flowers are pretty, too. Valerie

  2. That new background is awesome, interesting to see what you'll create with it!

    That vase is beautiful, love the softness of the texture.

  3. What a beautiful background. Love it!

  4. Love the effect on the first still life , and in contrast those vibrant flowing colors of the second piece are brilliant!! Happy PPF!

  5. Your vase of flowers is lovely, but when I enlarged the second background piece, I was amazed at the brilliance and beauty of the colors. I can hardly wait to see how it is used or if you plan to just leave it as it is.

  6. Love the flowers and that new background is awesome!

  7. OOOH I love love love this piece and the process! A lot of work but the outcome is gorgeous!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Love this! Such a great idea .... The new background is gorgeous, very curious as to what you'll do with it!

  9. What a cool technique, and beautiful coloring!

  10. I agree! Such a wonderful technique - with such great results! AND I love your newest background too - it's marbled effect is just gorgeous!


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