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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day off

My favorite way to spend a day off.
This was a screw up...twice so I didn't have anything to lose.
It is a water color spider web on yupo paper.
For whatever reason it beaded up and just didn't create what I had anticipated.
So I sprayed it with a fixative and did another spider web on top of the original one.
Not pretty at all!
Out came my poster board circles and with a couple of layers of transparent acrylic I 
created some sort of space scene.
And just the best way to spend a day off.

Another spider web.

Acrylic paint on yupo.  This is so pretty, I sort of hate to cover it.

Another acrylic paint on yupo with stencils and stamps.  This is a bit busy for my taste.
I should have used smaller square stencils to tone it down a bit.  Oh well, next time.

Another "busy" one.  Not sure what will happen with this.

And this one just might stay just as it is.  I love the movement and color mixes.

So I have been missing from PPF but I haven't been idle.
Working just makes it hard to sit down a blog.
But I am lurking and always enjoy seeing what everyone is doing.
Till next time.
Happy PPF


  1. I will have to get some Yupo to play with. These are lovely. I especially like the screw up circles. It looks like the planets in a distant solar system.

  2. Never heard of Yupo, but it does look very interesting. I Love what you've done with these pieces. I think they look awesome. Lots of activity.:)

  3. Wow, these yupo-creations are amazing! So beautiful, especially love that spiderweb!

  4. lovely work! Great pattern and colour.

  5. Lovely technique with the yupo and spiders web. Really good :-)

  6. I love these vibrant colors! What is a spider web technique? And do you water down your acrylics when you use them on Yupo?


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