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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Public sketching...a FIRST

March 3, 2015
is a monumental day for me.
We went off to Starbucks this morning and I had my sketch book tucked  under my arm.
I have never sketched in public before but plopped myself down with my coffee and 
gave it a go.

I wonder what I thought would happen.
Whatever it was, it didn't.
No one came round to see what I was doing.
No one asked me what I was up t
Absolutely nothing happened.
I simply sketched and enjoyed myself.
Time flew by, my coffee was gone so I headed home to try some watercolor on it. 

Phew!  Done and I survived!
With many thanks to Lynn Cohen and the many sketchers at Urban Sketchers,
I just might be on a new journey.


  1. Well done Susan, it isn't scary any more is it. Love your sketches and your watercolouring.

  2. first time is always the most difficult, well done!

    happy PPF :)

  3. So great that you stepped out of your comfort zone. Your sketches are wonderful. I bet there will be a lot more public sketching in your future.

  4. Great sketches, well done! Valerie

  5. Great sketches. Next time you won't be nervous. :) Awesome job.

  6. Love your sketches and water coloring of them! And I am so VERY PROUD OF YOU for venturing out into drawing in public!!!! I remember my first tentative steps doing this and realize how far I have come. To think I inspired you jazzes me no end. And now you will inspire others to follow in our footsteps! It's such fun! Brava!!!!

  7. congratulations on your first public sketches!!! it is a big deal the first time, but then you realise that no one even notices... I look forward to many many more from you

  8. Excellent! SO glad Lynn encouraged you and you took the plunge, Susan! Keep going:-)

  9. Stunning... I love how Lynn inspired you and that no one bothered you! I have played many games of online scrabble while waiting and not a soul came near. Starbucks clearly is a great place to be anonymous!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I like you sketches too. I like how you captured little gestures. Braveness pays off!

  11. Wonderful that you did this new exciting thing and tried out public sketching :D I have never tried it myself, but I will see if I can take the step and try it out this week. It is very inspiring :)

  12. Good for you! I've never done any sketching in public...maybe I'll give it a try, too. Your sketches are very good. I especially like the guy in the upper left.

  13. I love it! And how brave - I've not yet done that and might just have to. I had to draw once in a park for a class, sitting on a sidewalk and I got all kinds of input - the best one actually came from one of the homeless guys frequenting the park. He had an artist's eye. But all kinds of tourists wanted to take my picture and every dog coming by wanted to be petted. Your sketching experience sounds much more peaceful!! xoxo

  14. that's a wonderful and liberating experience. :) And your sketches came out fabulous!

  15. Oh you are so brave Susan, I've marvelled at artists who are out there without a care,
    I just know I'd be too bothered to produce anything.
    Having said that you have inspired me to have a go... I know my daughter often sits in a cafe sketching but then she's on another level and dosen't care what anyone (might be) thinking.
    Your results are brilliant and I can see you might just be a convert!
    Have fun and thanks for sharing


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