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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring has sprung

After a year of fighting thrips on my orchids, and not having any healthy blooms to enjoy,
at last, I think I have won (and the good news, not with serious chemicals).
I diligently used citrus flavored dishwashing soap and Neem oil alternating.
Both were mixed in a gallon of water.
I also used a blend of 409, alcohol and water once or twice.

So, this is what is blooming today.  

When I wasn't stewing about my orchids, I did have some fun with my art

Some of those backgrounds I love to do got cut into bits and mounted on a canvas.
I had envisioned something more exotic but as sometimes happens, those great ideas just don't work
in reality.  This reminds me of the colors of Hawaii

This background really looks like a shawl.
I am not sure where I am going with this, yet.
It may reappear in a few weeks completely revised.
Playing around with these things is half the fun.
After all, it's only paper, right?
Wishing everyone a beautiful Spring
and praying for peace and good will.
Happy PPF


  1. Your art is colourful and beautiful as always, and well done on curing your lovely orchids. Happy Easter, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful flowers - a sure sign that spring is upon us. Great art .. fascinated by the last piece and what will become of it. It reminds me, at the moment, of cheesecloth. Very difficult to re create on paper. Happy Easter and Happy Spring. hugs, Donna

  3. Your art is full of life and energy. Love it! Happy PPF

  4. Gorgeous orchids and I've never heard of your secret ingredients, so maybe I'll give my orchids an treat. One of my plants is doing brilliantly, but there are two that look very sad and bloomless!
    Great artwork as mentioned above... they are full of energy and vibrancy.
    Happy PPF to you

  5. Oh, I really love the shawl-like background. I think I'd just call it finished myself. It is so beautiful.

  6. Hi Susan. Love those orchids. Love your work, especially the last one, shawl-like as Faye says. Very nice work. Hope you have a Happy Easter.

  7. I love how your gorgeous blooms resemble the colors in your mosaic piece-fab colors! Your shawl-like background is beautiful too. Happy Easter and happy PPF!

  8. Hi Susan! I may have to pick your brain because my orchids never bloom after the beautiful flowers came with the plant. I have the pink and yellow one too. Your flowers are beautiful!

    Your artwork looks like a beautiful mosaic. I love the colors and shapes divided up by the black. The shawl like background looks like real fabric, very pretty. Thank you for visiting me earlier today so I could find your awesome post today! Hugs, Rasz

  9. Your garden is lovely as is your art. That piece that looks like a shawl I thought was fabric not painting. Happy Easter

  10. I have never heard aboutthat treatment, but your flowes are gorgeous! So exciting with the bits put into the canvas. Fun, as I was thinking to play with that just a couple of days back :) Yes, peace and love! :)

  11. I love your shawl background!!

  12. Beautiful flowers and really does look like a shawl!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. I believe the shawl is done! Fantastic!


  14. I think you were right to be persistent because your orchids are beautiful. I like what you did by cutting up pieces and adhering them to a canvas and also the background piece. Is that fabric on top? Have a lovely week.
    ~~ Irene

  15. Beautiful artwork and that!


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