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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dancing Ladies

My apologies for the recent absence.
Work has kept me busy.
That said, I always reserve Wednesday afternoon to splash around in my paint.
This is acrylic paint on yupo.
When it dried I covered it with a thick watercolor mixture and this time for some reason
got the beautiful background as the water color paint reacted with the acrylic paint.
It has never done this before but I hope it does again!
When the water color mixture is dry you can sketch your design on with chalk and then with a wet brush lift away the watercolor paint  using bits of paper towel to blot away the color.

This is one I did a while ago.  The red is the watercolor and the gold is an acrylic background.  You
can see that only my brush strokes show in the bottom one, no reactions.

Here is a background (complete w/blue tape) awaiting transformation.
Thanks for stopping by!

Ooooops!  I forgot a bloom for you

I smelled these before I saw them, they are so tiny.  They have a wonderful coconut scent.


  1. Wonderfully creative art work with the yupo ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  2. gorgeous yupo paintings Susan! fascinating plant-I have never seen one of those. Happy PPF!

  3. this is so clever - what a wonderful technique! it's a bit scary when paint does something amazing that it hasn't done before and you have to hope it will do it again in the future!

  4. Love your painting ! I just might have to give that technique a try. Does it have to be done on Yupo paper?

    1. I don't think so but you wouldn't get the marbling of the acrylic paint on regular paper unless it was really wet.

  5. Oh my goodness...what an amazing process and them in their glorious splendor.... Wow they are so cool. A happy accident with the watercolour, acrylic new reaction!! Wonderful blooms too!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. you really do wonders with yupo. These all look like magic to me ...

  7. you do amazing work on yupo... it does my head in to use it... please accept my apologies for being late for PPF visits ... again!!!


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