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Thursday, December 8, 2016


This week I pulled out my old gessoed watercolor paper
and with a class from Jill Krasner, I tried to create an abstract.
It is so easy for me on yupo with stensils and my roller and most importantly, my control.
This is an entirely different ballgame.
I created a small sample of what I wanted to do on the big paper.
I never took a photo of it until after I had reworked it a few hours later.

Then I went to work on the full sheet of watercolor paper.
I had done a second coat of gesso to create texture for the background.
I also used a dry cleaner bag squished onto the paint to get more texture.

Not abstract but it was a lot of fun to do.
You can see above where the old floral was before it got reworked.
And waiting in the wings is a new background done with the acrylic paint "dump".
No idea where this one will go.

And from the lanai this week...

One of my very favorite cattleyas, Chocolate Drop.
I shared it last week but it is even more gorgeous this week
Happy PPF


  1. Your flowers are fantastic, mine never look that good. Perhaps it's too cold here! Lovely art with great colours, and love how you got the texture with the plastic. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie
    You are welcome to use any of my photos, have fun!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the full bright red against the cool blue. And the texture is perfect!

  3. Beautiful abstract and beautiful vase of flowers. I have never had the courage to try a whole sheet of watercolor paper. Your work is so good with the red flowers against the yellow background.

  4. Beautiful pieces of art - and I love your header photo! I'm not sure which plant it is - related to carrots? Have a nice weekend!

    1. I took this last year in Ornans, France. Some have said it is Queen Anne's Lace but whatever, it was wild everywhere.

  5. Stunning bouquet of flowers I just love how it turned out. The colours together have inspired me!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love the flower arrangement and how you used it in the new piece.
    I never even have heard of a cattleyas, it is beautiful!

    1. Gloria, cattleyas are a variety of orchid. They are the ones used in corsages. Thanks for your visit and comment.


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