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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some more blooms from my lanai

This morning I was greeted by this crazy orchid gone wild.
It is about 10 years old, I have lost the name.  Twice we have divided it but it was such a big job then I am sure we couldn't tackle today.  It is about 3 ½ feet wide.
It is covered with buds and blooms and each bloom measures about 7" wide.

Another nameless cattleya but it has a beautiful scent.

Here we have two orchids, Momilani Rainbow and Tokyo Rose.
All of these (and a few more) are blooming this week.  They are my babies.
I crave their vibrant color!
Merry Christmas (Florida style) and Happy New Year!


  1. How lovely and LUCKY ! to have such beautiful blooms in your house dear .
    here though it is not much cold in Asia but flowers disappeared from my small garden .
    my hubby planted many seasonal flowers that will take almost month to smile around us

  2. Hello from Turkey, Izmir here! I hope you are having a wonderful new year Susan. We have a mild climate but still i can only grow orchids inside.Yours look amazing.Best wishes.


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