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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Earthly vein

I am a native of Colorado and the colors, textures and flavors are always with me.
This is the result of one of those middle of the night brain storms.
I love it when that happens but am usually disappointed with my results when I try to
create whatever I had dreamed.
So this is a vein of turquoise as I imagined it would be, an "earthly vein"
The process was fun (and messy).

A rough sketch on gessoed paper.

The messy part!  I added another layer of thick gesso and created my rocks.
When all was dry and about 24 hours later, I set about painting it.

Can you guess what these are?  The last one should give it all away.  These are circus wheels.
I was very lucky to have a visit from my daughter last week and we went to the Ringling 
Circus Museum.  It was amazing!  And these were so colorful, I had to take a shot of them/.
Wishing all a Happy Paint Party Friday

P.S.  My bloom this week is a teeny, tiny dendrobium


  1. Love your art work, wonderful colours, it has such an earthy feel to it. Those circus wheels are so happy, and I love the flower, although I've never heard the name before. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love your veined wall. Cute circus wheels you spotted too.

  3. marvelous art!! What colorful circus wheels, and that gorgeous magenta/fuschia flower-wow! Happy PPF!

  4. wow, amazing! I love that touch of turquoise in there. Those circus wheels are great-looking. Happy colours, just like your bloom :-)

  5. Lovely turquoise vein painting...earthy and realistic!!!
    Those circus wheels are so colorful and happy!!!
    Such a sweet little bloom~

  6. Love the textured gesso and the beautiful end result! Those circus wheels are a wonderful work of art for sure!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Ohhh your Earthy Vein is just amazing. I love how this turned out. Those circus wheels are pretty fun too.

  8. Your earthly veins are gorgeous. I love muted, earthy, rustic colors too. Yes, you have to paint those amazing circus wheels! A mandala? Happy Sunday!

  9. How clever of you Susan to create your gorgeous turquoise earthly vein in that way. I love it!
    Aren't those circus wheels so colourful :D)

  10. Lovely painting and I enjoyed seeing some of the process! The circus wheels are fun to see, too. Happy PPF!

  11. Love the colors and architecture of the veined wall. I moved from FL to Tulsa. . .Difficult move. Blessings, Janet


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