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Friday, March 3, 2017

Funky floral

About a year ago I created this using little squares as stencils.
It took forever to do and the result was not to impressive.  I had thought the base patterns would show up more than they did.
So it went into the "dead letter" file under the bed.
And then I woke up with an idea one morning.
I decided there was nothing to lose,  so another funky floral was born.

I would say, "what do you think?"...but it doesn't really matter, it is done now and I kind of like it
(and that is VERY unusual for me).

And then there is that background I did a couple of weeks ago

It morphed into a pig.

This one is a work in progress.  I had used alcohol on the background hoping to get 
bits of the background color but only got spots,  The pig is too busy (or maybe the ground is too busy).
Anyway, this one needs work and I would love your input.

Our Florida weather has been hot, like 85 degrees...already, it is only March.
The only blooms this week are the ludisia orchids.  They like to hide in the shade, their blooms are tiny and when they aren't blooming, their foliage is gorgeous.

Wishing all a Happy Paint Party Friday


  1. Hello Susan! I really love your vase of pretty flowers with its funky background :D) Isn't it fun when that idea comes charging into your head... I like how you describe your "dead letter file under the bed".
    Your pig is a sweetie and full of expression... it looks like mischief is afoot.. or, I should say, ahoof ;D) You're very talented.
    Thrilled to see your tiny orchids and what a bonus of the gorgeous foliage as well.
    Cheers now and Happy PPF!

  2. Love the funky flowers against the serious background!Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Susan, the squares in the circle make for a unique and beautiful background for your funky flowers! Nice pig painting. I like them better in paintings than in real life. I grew up on a farm and they are pretty messy and smelly.

  4. You did an absolutely splendid job painting the flowers and vase over your pattern-love it! The pig is looking adorable - but I'd like to see perhaps bolder lines on him to bring him out more. Lucky you to have summer weather! Happy PPF!

  5. Lovey creations with your wonderful backgrounds ~ they are delightful! thanks,

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  6. Now that is the way to fix up a background. I love that you put the flowers in and that pig brilliant. Wonderful photo.

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  8. Beautiful floral and LOVE how your pig turned out!! So adorable.. I loved that background page so much! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. It's perfect what you did with that background. The flowers really do it justice. I think the background you used for your pig could've been an artwork in itself. So beautiful. But the pig is really sweet :-)


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